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Alpienne Detox

The zeolite rock, which is particularly suitable for purification and detoxification, is the basis of Alpienne Detox. The combination of high-quality active ingredients such as grapefruit, honey, coriander and black pepper as well as detoxifying pads activates a very good detox process in the body with the help of massages.
Foot bath, foot massage, detox gel treatment, short back massage.

Alpienne Relax & Harmony

- Herbal foot bath in combination with a St. John's wort cream foot massage
- Head massage with arnica tonic, facial massage with chamomile or honey
- Relaxation massage involving steam-heated herbal stamps
- Rest in the neighboring relaxation area

Alpienne pine vitality massage

A deeply relaxing and intensively revitalizing alpine massage treatment with smooth and round pine sticks. In addition, natural Alpine specialties of massage lotions and oils from Alpienne are used.

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